Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Made In Chelsea's Louise confirms split from Spencer!!

Louise Thompson

So it’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone that Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson is no longer going out with Spencer Matthews.

The fact he signed up to do The Bachelor set off alarm bells in our heads and now Louise has confirmed it for us.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: 'Me and Spencer obviously aren’t together, but we’re very close friends and we still talk a lot.'

'He is single. He’s fully single. He wouldn’t be doing The Bachelor if he wasn’t because I wouldn’t allow it if we were together.'

But don’t worry he didn’t dump her, she continued:

'Now that filming’s finished and it’s the summer, I’ve got a lot of plans of my own, so I want to be independent.
'It wasn’t really a dumping thing. It just kind of happened. It was just a good idea. It was a mutual decision.'

Well that little dalliance was worth breaking Jamie’s heart over, wasn’t it?

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